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Need a presence online or need help getting your site noticed in searches? New Media Fluent can help!


Social Media does generate business in the offline realm, but let's face it, it is much easier for a customer to "click here for more information" than it is for them to call your office. A phone call implies a certain level of commitment for a lot of customers, and often times a call just to gather more information or to browse your products/services simply won't happen.


Therefore, you need a website!


"But building a website takes forever!"
True, website creation isn't exactly something you can sit down and pound out in thirty minutes or an hour... at least not one that looks respectable. It takes time. But as with everything New Media Fluent has to offer, we recognize that your time should be spent doing what you do best; running your business.

Website creation from scratch can often run you anywhere from $10,000-$30,000!!! The fact of the matter is, not everyone needs a website from scratch. New Media Fluent presents you with a different option; Whether you need a first time presence online, or just want a new look to your URL, let us build your website for you using one of our host templates.


"But I don't want to rely on someone else."
Valid- Most website designers tend to work on a different plane of time where "I'll do that soon" can mean in 5-7 days... if you are lucky. Not the case with New Media Fluent. We pride ourselves on our rapid response time, on getting the job done the first time it is presented to us, and on doing it quickly!


"So how much will this cost me?"
With websites it is true that you receive what you pay for, however we make it our priority to offer top quality service at extremely competitive pricing. Email us and we will send you just a few questions to present a rapid website project quote.

After your project is completed, we move to a monthly maintenance retainer for any changes you need to make.




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