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Social Media Ebook

The Working Man's Guide To Social Media Success

Launch and maintain a successful social media presence without spending hours upon hours of work!


Take a stroll down your office corridor or into your local Starbucks and you'll hear it- everyone is talking about it- social media; What is it? How do you use it? Is it just for pleasure? Does it have anything to do with me and my business? What is the "key" to making it work for me?


Those last two questions in particular are what this ebook focuses on. Yet what makes this ebook different from any of the other countless print and electronic publishing's out there on this topic? Simple- this ebook is tailored to the working individual. If you want fluff and padding this is not the ebook for you. This is to the point information you can use immediately!


This ebook is for the individual who knows they need to be on social media, or may already be on there but needs to know how to get a leg up on their competition and really maximize their social media presence without putting in tons of time every day!


This ebook gives you the following on the three main social media- Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn;
-A brief description of what each medium is and why you should be on it.
-Examples on how to use it and how to make it work for you.
-Invaluable shortcuts and tips I have learned through hours upon hours of research.
-All in an easy to read, no-nonsense, non-techie-speak format!


So on to the final question; How much does this cost?
A: This ebook which will save you literally hundreds if not thousands of dollars and hours and hours of time is available to you for the low price of $15!

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