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Your website is the touch-point from which all of your other internet marketing endeavors will stem from. There is just no two ways around it – you have to have a website these days, because if you cannot be Googled – you simply cease to exist.

New Media Fluent is a web development company based out of Boulder, Colorado and Tulsa, Oklahoma that focuses on the personal needs of our clients believing that once those are met, all other projects come to fruition with greater ease and final-product satisfaction.

We have an array of web development options that range from user-friendly back-end, and easily-editable once designed and turned over… to complete from-scratch developed websites created to meet the needs of any company. With the talented web team New Media Fluent has assembled and numerous skilled developers available, no project is beyond our capabilities.

We are confident that New Media Fluent can assist you personally in uncovering your company’s unique needs. We enjoy working with our clients to better understand their business and to create the most effective web presence possible. With New Media Fluent, you are not just buying a web-design system but rather the time of expert programmers, designers and consultants.

There’s absolutely no need to try and handle the everyday business of a company as well as the website development! Contact New Media Fluent today and see what we can do for you.

“I have always known that the Internet was an important key to my business, I just didn’t realize that you have to have the right key to unlock the doors for prospects to enter. As a top producing Realtor, I thought I was doing the right thing but I just wasn’t seeing quality results. After Andrew and I met, revised my web site and implemented his programs, I saw a drastic change and actually have QUALITY leads off of my web site and a following on my blog resulting in listings, buyers and consistency that is producing results! Andrew is creative and consistent which is not an easy combination to have and it obviously is now an integral part of my business!”

Jennifer Fields

Multi-Million Dollar Top Producing Realtor

New Media Fluent’s Web Design services include


Timely Results

New Media Fluent believes, unlike many web designers, that ignoring your clients is simply bad business. We pride ourselves in rapid response and quick results once your project begins.


Project Consulting

We work with our clients vision for their website and marry together their expectations and requests with the latest technological improvements and search engine friendly design to create a website loved by both our clients and search engines.


Post-Delivery Guide

Many of New Media Fluent’s clients are unfamiliar with all of the in’s and out’s of today’s web designs. Upon completion of your website, we will provide you with a guide to making changes to your website so that you will not fall victim to relying on a webmaster to make minor text and image changes.

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We are a dedicated group of professionals who waste no time getting your project started. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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