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Increase Your Organic Site Traffic

SEO is the still the most cost-effective way to direct visitors to your company by improving your website’s organic search engine ranking.

With nearly 95% of all Internet users relying on search engines to navigate the web, ensuring that your company’s website ranks above your competitors is key to creating growth!

New Media Fluent works with your company to strategize and put into action the best plan for your company or brand to achieve increased rankings, more traffic and consequently – more conversions.

How much organic traffic (on average) are you losing due to lack of SEO?

Factors that play into this;

  • Lack of ranking in the top 1-2 pages
  • Lack of ranking for the proper keywords for your industry/site
  • Lack of ranking for keywords that actually generate traffic… especially qualified traffic

Don’t believe us? When was the last time YOU went past Page 2 of search results?


SEO Services

  • Content Optimization – We don’t just tell you what to produce, we do the content creation for you to make sure that our suggestions and strategies are being implemented properly
  • Competitive Analysis of up to 3 competitors
  • Reporting on exactly what keywords your competitors are paying for
  • Report of competitor PPC ad copy and landing pages
  • Monthly SEO Report for your site including:
    – Popular Industry Keyword Research for your field
    – Site Meta Tag, Meta Description and Title analysis and suggestions
    – Industry search trend reports
    – Digests of inbound and outbound links from your site
  • Ongoing Keyword Tracking for Ranking Growth
  • Overarching monthly strategies to improve your SEO
  • Link building strategies to increase the number of incoming links to your site


Social Media for business can be an illusive pot of gold. What may work wonders for one company in one part of the country – may be a complete bust for others. Or maybe you heard from your friend that they have generated a TON of business for their company using Pinterest or Instagram. Do you know if that medium is right for you? Starting with a proper foundation for your social media marketing is essential. Just like a solid home, no great marketing can be built on a bad foundation.

Consistency is Key

Consistency in your social media marketing is another essential that simply cannot be ignored. Once acquired, your followers will come to rely on you for information on a consistent schedule. Failing to provide that consistency will create a drop off in your readership, engagement, and as a result — your social media “rankings”. Algorithms within the big social platforms reward engagement with exposure. No engagement, no exposure, no more followers, no traffic. You see the issue.

Target Audience

While the scattershot approach may have worked during the early years of social media marketing, those days are long gone. Welcome to the era of hyper targeted, target audiences! This can be GOOD NEWS for you though if done properly. People online create their own “bubbles” of like-minded companies and individuals who produce information they are truly interested in. Identifying your target audience, helps you hit a home run because it enables you to not just have followers — but true brand evangelists.


What social media platforms should I be on? How can I identify my true target audience? How often do I need to post? How do I generate engagement? What are my primary drivers for being on social media? Do I want more traffic? More customers and clients? More brand awareness?

All of this is answered with proper social media strategy. Luckily, we specialize in the big picture and pair with on-the-ground execution done for you to alleviate your digital marketing stresses.

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