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Check this page often for other resources to help you execute an effective marketing program and manage enrollment building. Anytime we find another terrific service, product, or organization, we will share it here!

Child Care Inquiry Generator

There are few things 10 new enrollments can’t fix!

Does your center need to…

– Drive more traffic to your website?
– Generate more qualified inquiries and center visits?
– And most importantly… more opportunities to convert enrollment?

The Inquiry Generator team works together with you to help you develop your own unique message and then communicate that message in a relevant and compelling way for your target audience.

More information: Child Care Inquiry Generator

Contact: Andrew Jones, CEO, 918-232-6181

Customer Relationship Management System

Child Care CRM® helps you effectively manage and market to your leads from initial inquiry to enrollment by providing a secure, cloud-based system that stores your valuable lead information and history. Enter lead/child data directly into the system or instantly capture it from your website’s inquiry form or hand-held tour KIOSK. You and your team will be able to manage follow-up tasks, track progress and automate marketing communication processes with more confidence than you ever thought possible!

More Information: Child Care CRM

Contact: Chuck Gibbs, CEO, 972-765-7475,

Additional Marketing Resources

Child Care Exchange provides resources to support early childhood professionals worldwide in their efforts to craft thriving environments for children and adults, including Exchange Magazine, books, articles, training kits, videos, and more. Julie has authored numerous Exchange Magazine articles and other products available at through Exchange Press.

Contact: 800-221-2869, 425-883-9394,

Child Care Exchange

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On every occasion, Julie delivered, making us better with bottom line results that were real. She is engaging, Directors love her and, if they do what she demonstrates, you will realize significant gains in your enrollment and retention. Julie’s organized, step by step approach makes marketing fun and “doable” for the Directors and staff. Julie is the real deal and has delivered for me every time with long term results which were sustainable and significant. The results are real and you will obt…
PresidentThe Arista Group, Inc, Previous CEO of Children’s Creative Learning CentersSacramento, CA