How do you deal with customers who are complaining about your company or your product online? How do you make them feel okay about you again and continue to patronize your services? After all the words and feelings, will you be able to get them back?

Yes, you can! Complaints are not the end of a buying relationship. No matter how your customers feel about you for a moment, you can always turn them around and make them feel better if you handle their complaints properly. Complaints, even if they sound bad, are not really the worst thing. In fact, it is inevitable and any company will receive a complaint every once in a while.

The question about complaints is not how to avoid them completely but rather, how to deal with them the right way. Handling customer’s complaints properly will create better and long-lasting relationship between you and your clients because they also understand that nothing is perfect 100% of the time.

So, how do you handle customer’s complaints?

  • Sympathize and be positive. Do not let complaints get into you. Instead, understand that your customers may have felt dissatisfied, hence the frustrated rants. Hear them out – typically this is all people want is to be heard and responded to in a constructive way. Apologize for their inconvenience and assure them that you will do something about it.
  • Respond positively no matter what. Never give them a reason to rant some more because of your negative response. If you feel angry or disappointed about their comments, calm yourself down first and then deal with the issue in a more pleasant tone.
  • Lead them to a private message. Sympathize with them publicly and let them know you will be making this right, but encourage them to further communicate in a private message to discuss further their complaints. This will make them feel that you are serious in making it up for them. Talk to them gently about their concern.
  • Come up with a good compromise. Settle the issue with a win-win solution or a compromise that will be beneficial for you both. A good solution is the way toshow your customers their importance, and sends them a message that you don’t want them to go elsewhere.
  • Know your customers. Identify what kind of a customer they are so you can deal with them accordingly. There are people who are reasonable enough to let things pass after they complain. There are also those who really want to see results or changes happening. Know how to properly deal with each kind of customer.

Address the complaints as soon as possible. If you see it, deal with the issue as soon as you are calm. Time is important even in dealing with customer’s complaints. The more they have to wait, the greater their emotions are.