Hello! I’ve recently come across a new tactic which I think may actually hold some clout for getting involved with your audience. What I read was a long winded description (like the entire article), but I think I can sum it up by coining the following term; parallel audiences.

The example that was given in the article (which was from this month’s Entrepreneur Magazine by the way) I read was about a woman who ran a cupcake company out of her house and she got almost ALL of her business from social media.  She utilized Twitter to target people she wanted to follow by identifying what her demographic would be (women 18 – 40) and then thought to herself, “What are three things these women will be interested in that I also like?” she came up with; shoes, chocolate, and shopping.

After that, she began inserting herself in the middle of conversations she saw going on on Twitter in her geographic area involving shoes, chocolate, and shopping. For example, if a woman said she just got a great pair of new shoes- this woman would say, “Wonderful! Do you have a picture you can share? I just bought these this weekend (link for picture)!”  thus opening up the conversation and contributing to it. It would eventually come around that her “avatar icon” was a cupcake and people would ask why… and voila, just like that, she would have an interested new customer.

So if you can think a little bit, what is your demographic you would really like to reach? And what do you think a couple of the parallel audiences would be?

Planting these subtle seeds in your parallel audiences are a great way to obtain new prospects without coming off like a used-car-salesman.

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Andrew Jones
CEO & Founder
New Media Fluent