Tonight on 60 Minutes I watched an announcement of a new Facebook Platform who shows your friends “Who you really are.”

So really, what’s new about the new platform?

First off- much like the “New Twitter” it is going to be optional, but I see a gradual phaseout as an inevitability.

Now when people go to your profile, at the top there will be a small bar at the top with quick conversation starters such as; Where you went to school and where you work.

Then immediately after that- a row of recently tagged photos (bet you’ll think twice now about “Should I untag myself from that picture holding the beer or not?”) since people really get a better “feel” for who someone is based upon their photos… Not to mention it is typically the first thing people “stalk”.

Taking a note from Myspace (sorry, but it’s true), now you have “Featured Friends” where you can list your best friends, or teammates (such as if you’re on a soccer team and wish to give people a better feel about your soccer life).

The new experiences may be the biggest thing I take away from this. With this you can now;

  • List projects you worked on at your work.
  • Classes you took in school.
  • Favorite musicians
  • Favorite sports teams, etc.

You also can now connect with philosophical people you resonate with; from political affiliations, religious affiliations, and people you admire… What’s more, in keeping with this new platform it’s all represented visually!

The photo pages are also updated; Now you can take advantage of Facebook’s “Ultimate Scroll” which enables you to view all of the pictures without having to click from page to page and wait for all of the thumbnails to load.

Finally- it’s now even easier to find people. Now you can search based on (the traditional) name, but also hometown, school, and a multitude of other methods (I’m hoping phone number will be in there… no more wondering “Who keeps calling me from this number?!”)

The new update launches tomorrow and I’m really stoked to see all of the new additions and how seamlessly they fit in with what we already have… or vice versa.

Andrew Jones