I know I keep this blog typically limited to strictly things you can use immediately for your marketing and/or business… but I figured everyone needs a good dose every once in a while of light heartedness. Enter, the list of 10 movies computer nerds (yes that includes social media buffs) love.

Keep in mind, I have done no real research on this, this is purely my opinion and some of my favorite films that I know get strong reactions from my fellow computer savvy amigos.

1. Hackers
Reason: Who wouldn’t love seeing Angelina Jolie in her very early years in a skin tight leather motocross jumpsuit?  Aside from that, this movie really showcases the underground community of hackers in the early ’90s pretty beautifully.

2. The Net
The movie that did for identity theft what Jaws did for the ocean. Academy Award winning Actress Sandra Bullock playing a late night computer game debugger (and a rather successful one at that) is what every geek who has ever logged into a chat-room prays to find on the other end of his computer screen.

3. Tron (the original)
The verdict is still out on the new film… however, I for one cannot wait to see it… but the original was a classic! Computer people tend to live in their “own world” on a daily basis anyhow. This movie transports a hacker into the “digital universe” of a computer where he plays out as a virtual warrior battling evil– again, every true nerd’s dream; be awesome, take down a bad guy, get hot girl.

4. The Matrix (Part 1)
If anyone just made a negative groaning sound, I’m going to jump through this screen and hit you. Face it- The Matrix was THE hacking film of the new millennium. Aside from the – at the time – groundbreaking special effects, again it took the common nerd-fantasy reoccurring them (Be awesome, kill the baddie, get the girl) to a whole new level.   On a personal note with this one– it was the first DVD I ever owned. I had it before I even had a DVD player and I would have to go watch it on my Dad’s Dell.

5. Wargames
This movie goes back to the early days of hacking and command based computer systems, but for the novice computer nerd- starting with the basics is always a good place to begin. Basically, a kid hacks into a backdoor of a government supercomputer who runs “war games”, almost destroys the world, fights off the evil computer and in the end gets the girl (I told you, there’s a theme).

6. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
While this movie came out in 2009, I dare say it has only recently hit the radar of the majority of Americans when the book by the same name rose to the top of the best seller list. This film breaks slightly from  our traditional formula as it deals with a female hacker living with Asperger’s Syndrome who teams up with a detective to solve a murder mystery.

7. Swordfish
Hugh Jackman is the hacker, John Travolta is the crazed bank robber villian, Halle Berry is the beautiful/mysterious/genius temptation… need I really say more?

8. Mission Impossible
Job 3:14 is still a significant number and a verse of the bible I know and can credit to this movie. Tom Cruise (at his prime) plays a top secret James Bond style spy who assembles a team of other agents to carry out a European mission. It has TONS of action, betrayal, travel (which is good because true computer nerds don’t leave the house often), and of course — a computer hacking secret agent.  In terms of an overall good movie, this one should be at the top of the list, not the bottom.

9. The Thirteenth Floor
In my opinion this film never gained the amount of attention it deserved. It was an extremely well done film with a great story line somewhat in the vein of The Matrix meets Tron.  Basically a computer scientist creates a world where participants can take over the life of a computer generated human, the programs don’t know they are being controlled and life always carries on after the user “jumps out” which can make for some interesting situations “plugging back in” (such as coming in in the middle of a gun fight). Interesting premise which leads me to–

10. Gamer
I actually did not like this film very much, but for the following reason; I thought it was horrifyingly accurate of the path our society seems to be on with our obsession with “Reality” and true “Virtual Reality” where we control real people. Watch this movie if you want to get a glimpse of the future I hope we never achieve.  A positive note though- I love the kid’s computer room! I may never leave if I get one of those.

11. Inception (Honorable Mention)
I honestly completely forgot about this one until just now.  Um… I think it was about computers and hacking the brains and dreams of people… but to be honest the movie was so confusing I really can’t be certain.  Definitely see it though!