I was just reading over an email I received from Trend Central titled “What’s Your Story?” and it was all about how stores and service providers (the three listed in the article were Heirloom, Chic & You Shall Find, and Etsy; “Saved From The Fire” Series) are beginning to create stories to integrate into their marketing messages.

I personally find this to be a genius idea.

Case in point, one advertisement that has always stuck with me was the Master Card ad about the little puppy traveling across America to find his way back home to his owners. You know the one I’m talking about and probably just visualized it yourself. My point is solved… The commercial showed the story unravel in a few different segments during the Super Bowl, but practically everyone was talking about it not only the next day- but while it was going on! People could not wait for the next commercial break to see if this time the dog was going to make it home.

When combined with this recent trend email I cannot help but wonder a little- Is story telling the new marketing?  In traditional advertising, it was always a common practice to “tell a story about a product”, however for a while the industry became saturated with flashy graphics, beautiful models and other frivolous eye candy and forgot about what people were genuinely interested in; stories.  I think it’s time for us to go back to basics.

So, now you may be wondering; “How can I integrate this into my company?”  Try creating back stories about your products (yes, tell the stories about how your products came to be). If that’s too boring, you may want to take a leaf from Chic & You Shall Find and simply make the stories up!

A slightly more practical application for business, be it service or product provider, would be to make a video once a month… you can do twice, but just make sure when you start you remain consistent. When you do the video, talk to your audience, tell them what’s gone on in the past month, what you are excited about, good business news, whatever it is just remain genuine.

Adults are just taller children- we enjoy stories as much now as we did then.

Andrew Jones
CEO & Founder
New Media Fluent