Despite the purported simplicity of the “Search” function on LinkedIn one should never assume they know the best way of utilizing it to find the person or service they need to find a job, fill a job, make a connection, or whatever… After all, I find new ways every day to make my searches online just a little easier.

So let’s dive right in.

#1 Use the quotations. For example, if you need a social media strategist. Don’t just type that into the search box. Quote it! “Social Media Strategist” will make sure that is all your search results will yield- not social strategist, or social media, or media strategist, or any combination of the three words. Quotes take the leg work out of searching through results.

#2: Turn off relevance, unless you want to just do business with people you know… Which if you know the best of the best in every field, then there isn’t really a problem there. Otherwise, when you search, look right above the first results and you’ll see a “Sort By: Relevance” click relevance and replace it with “Keyword”. This way you’ll get the best results for what you are looking for.

#3 Now, just in case your search term wasn’t specific enough, you can narrow it down even more by selecting industry. Also, If you are looking for a service that needs to be, at least, in the same country you can narrow this way as well. Now is when you can use those nifty little boxes on the left hand side of the search; click the applicable ones to further sort through the search results until you find you most qualified, niche-person for whatever your mission is.

Voila. Three easy steps for properly utilizing the search function on LinkedIn!

Andrew Jones
CEO & Founder
New Media Fluent