Bump, for those of you who do not already know, is an application on the iPhone which allows people (who both have the application) to literally bump their phones together (gently of course) and exchange information. From pictures, to contact information, stored contacts, and more recently social media friend requests bump is, in my opinion, one of the most beneficial applications for the working-man’s (or woman’s) iPhone.

One of my favorite features of Bump is the ability to set up different profiles that you wish to share. This makes it a breeze to jump from exchanging information with a friend to exchanging your contact information with a business colleague without messing up and sending them a URL to your “Awesome Pictures From Last Night!” blog.

So I’ll make this quick and easy step-by-step for those of you wanting to enter the wide world of Bump!

  1. Go to your application store and download Bump.
  2. Create a contact in your phone containing all of your contact information both work and personal.
  3. Be sure to include a picture in your contact. I cannot stress the importance of this when it comes to business (so make sure it is professional). A name can be hard to remember, but a name and a face can bring back who you are to someone who you haven’t had contact with for a while very easily!
  4. Launch the Bump app.
  5. We’ll start with your professional profile:
    1. Click your photo
    2. Click your work phone number
    3. Click your Company & Job Title
    4. Ditto for your work email and a work website.
    5. Finally, make sure you click your LinkedIn invite (a new feature for the app), as well as if you have a work Facebook and Twitter. I stress work here, because again, you don’t want to mix your professional and personal worlds.
    6. And that’s it! Scroll down and click Save Profile, type “Work” and you’re on your way.
  6. Next comes your personal profiles.
    1. Same as before, click the information you want to include that is personal but not work related.
    2. This is where you can invite your friends to join you on Facebook (using the Facebook Friend Request feature), Twitter, etc.
    3. Also, if you have a personal website or blog, be sure to include that as well. You can never have too many visitors after all right?
    4. Scroll down when you’re done, and click Save Profile as “Personal” and voila!
  7. And you’re done! Now whenever you need to Bump with someone at a business conference, just open the application, select “Work” and get to Bumping without the worry that they’ll start sneaking a peak at your personal web presence!

-Andrew Jones
Founder & CEO
New Media Fluent

©2010 Andrew Jones and New Media Fluent. This article is not to be used or reposted in any shape, form or fashion without explicit written permission by the author.